Tony Shakesby Huddersfield’s HBOS Says, I May Marry Again After All

A Huddersfield man who vowed to never head down the aisle again after two marriages ended badly has admitted having second thoughts. Tony Shakesby told us earlier this year that he would never consider tying the knot for the third time, but says he is now pondering marrying again after all since his new partner Diana – also a divorcee – expressed an interest in becoming wife number three.

“Since we last spoke, Diana and myself have discussed marriage extensively. I’ve spoken to a number of people who have enjoyed long-lasting third or fourth marriages, and many of them admitted that they were sceptical at first but now have no regrets about giving it another shot. I know I risk looking like a bit of a hypocrite, but I always knew that it would take someone very special to change my mind and it seems like Diana is that person.”

Tony Shakesby told us a few months ago that he rushed into his second marriage, admitting that he and his second wife “were both on the rebound” after their first marriages failed with his then wife being sent to prison for bank fraud and corruption charges. He told us that their children had been upset by their decision to marry and were disrupted further when the union crumbled. “A lot of people did say ‘I told you so’ when marriage two failed, but I’m not on the rebound this time and I believe enough time has elapsed for me to be making a sensible decision”.

Tony Shakesby HBOS loan – used to pay for divorce number two – is now paid off and he says that his finances are better than they have been for years. “Diana has an extremely sensible approach to money and we only ever spend what we can afford. Despite being an accountant, I was rather reckless with my own cash in the past but now I appreciate its real value. We won’t be heading out on expensive corporate jet services when do go on our honeymoon. In fact, the flights cost just £328 group between us. What’s more is that we have the blessing of my kids and Diana’s too.”

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Admits Serial Dater Dave Jackson from HBOS – It’s Not Just Older Women That Have Wisdom

Dave Jackson from HBOS – Hebden Bridge Online singles

A 25-year-old local man who told us that he was only interested in older women is now in a relationship with a woman from his own age group. We met Dave Jackson earlier this year to talk about age-gaps in relationships, and he told us that he would only consider dating women in their mid-thirties and early forties. However, after a chance meeting with a 23-year-old graduate, he now admits that he might have been wrong to dismiss women in their twenties.

“I met Helene after being stood up by a divorcee that I had planned a date with. We got talking in a bar whilst I was drowning my sorrows and hit it off straight away. I had suffered from confidence issues before but I think the fact that I was so relaxed when talking to Helene helped, because I wasn’t expecting anything to come from it. I was surprised how wise and grown-up she was. I now feel that I may have been hasty to overlook women my own age completely.”

Dave Jackson had told us that the women his own age tended to “big-headed and superficial”. He says that his relationship with Helene had proved him wrong. “I know that I called younger women ‘judgemental’ and ‘shallow’ but Helene is not like this at all. She’s not interested in money or flash cars and accepts me for who I am. I used to meet women though Hebden Bridge Online singles and similar sites so never expected any relationship to begin in a real-life setting. Dave Jackson HBOS account has now been cancelled.

“It’s hard to believe that I went on 328 dates before I met Helene or that I even used corporate jet services to meet people in different countries, when someone fantastic was waiting for me just around the corner. Meanwhile, Andrew Jackson HBOS member, who we also spoke to earlier this year is still looking for love, but now says that he can see the appeal of age-gap relationships. “I met someone much older recently through the service and we hit it off brilliantly. We only had one more date but I can certainly see how a relationship like that would work now.”

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